• Cinzia Bianucci
    Development of creative projects - Mediation between Artists and Companies
  • Paolo Cervari
    Degree in philosophy, has always worked as a consultant in the field stretched between organizational communication, the strategies and the development of people. He has held positions for medium Italian…
  • Enrico Cherchi
    Founding partner and curator food
  • Elisabetta Cosma
    Founding partner and coordinator of catering services
  • Paolo Gallizioli
    Founding member and member in various companies related to the world of catering and chef training - referent show coocking - Member of the Scientific Committee.
  • Cesare Gozzetti
    Chef, artist and head movement
  • Gianfranco Grandolfi
    Musical Coordinator
  • Giuliano Grittini
    Artist, portrait photographer
  • Riccardo La Barbera
    Music Coordinator
  • Roberto Luise
    Founding member of the movement and the owner of the agency Tao B that has been the Main Sponsor of the association with the role of manager for the artists,…
  • Giorgio Melis
    Video maker
  • Roberta Nanni
  • Paolo Pagani
  • Alberto Strano