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Giulia Coppola

Giulia CoppolaGiulia was born in Milan in 1990.
She graduated as a graphic designer in Italy (2009).
She then obtained a Diploma in Illustration and Animation in 2012 after studying at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan.
After university, Giulia started working as a freelance illustrator in Milan for different agencies, companies and publishers. She realized several important illustrations, realistic portraits and caricatures and paintings.
In that period, Giulia created her first illustrated book published by “Fermoeditore” in 2013. The book gained incredible success and it is now notorious in the Italian illustration field. Some of its images were exhibited at the “Mininoir in Festival” event in Courmayeur in 2012 and in other similar events.
In 2012 the artist obtains a leading position as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator in a graphic studio in Milan. In the meantime Giulia also worked for “The Museum of Illustration”: a cultural association where art exhibitions of different genre and theme take place, mainly of illustration, paintings, poetry and photography. She became Leader of the association in 2012.
Giulia decided to move to London (UK) in 2014 where she currently lives and works as a freelance artist.   Her international career started in an important art gallery in the heart of London.
The artist also discovered the “Scribing” technique working for several companies. She currently works as a Scriber while working on other personal art projects.

Roberto Sitta

Roberto-sittaRoberto was born in 1990 in Milan, Italy.
After obtaining a diploma at the Art High School of Monza (Liceo Artistico di Monza – Progetto Leonardo), in 2009 he joined the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, from which he graduated in 2012 with an art project for ill patients.
This project was particularly significant because it involved cancer patients of the oncological department of the San Carlo Borromeo Hospital of Milan. Roberto had to draw for them, at times following their specific requests, in order to help them alleviate their anxieties and worries.
In the meantime, Roberto had to work on his thesis, a kind of personal diary. He had to transfer all his feelings and sensations deriving from the experience in hospital into illustrations.
The result of all this work is a book, “Soltanto più lontano”, written by Antonio Ferrara, illustrated by Roberto and other two IED students.
The project was made in cooperation with “Amo la Vita ONLUS” association, amolavitaonlus.
During university he cooperated with “BELTEL” releasemagazine,  an ITC magazine. During this time he created several images for specific technical articles to reinforce their meaning.
In 2010 he also created an environmental sustainable logo for a private Swiss company, to emphasize the urgent need for a major step forward in the saving activities of the Planet.
In 2012, before graduating at university, he partecipated in a visual contest (LA VITA È SOGNO – Il cinema, la fabbrica dei sogni) in memory of “Sergio Frediani”, a painter and illustrator who died in 2006. One of Roberto’s illustrations “Io e il mio film” (me and my movie) was selected and presented at the contest.  

Roberto uses various techniques including digital painting but he prefers traditional materials like pencils, pens, felt-tip pens and acrylics on different types of paper.