Scientific Committee

  • Paolo Gallizioli

    Founding member and member in various companies related to the world of catering and chef training – referent show coocking – Member of the Scientific Committee.

  • Emilio Sitta

    Born in 1954. Since the beginning of his professional work he was involved in the Plastic business Development in Italy. In the eighty he entered in raw materials field, and he worked for multinational Polymers companies such as General Electric and Borealis, where he expanded his expertise in engineering plastics (eg. polycarbonate) and in commodities (eg. PE-PP). Here he developed new families of innovative technical compounds. It became Manager of a New Business Development business unit , specifically dedicated to innovation through a correct replacement of traditional materials (eg. glass, metal, etc ..) with innovative polymers.

    Later on, he entered in the field of semi-finished products for the Interior Design. Here he invented a novel glass-polycarbonate laminated sheet (Solidex) for floors and walls covering. For the same sector developed the first photoluminescent silicon sealant (Silight) . In more recent times he was responsible for the market development of an innovative Bio-polymers family of products made in USA. Speaker at numerous conferences on Polymers, Bio-polymers and Innovation, he was trainer at various European plastic converters. In the recent past, he developed in close collaboration two friends and well known Italian designers (Marco Maggioni and Paolo Pagani) the “Zoom Design Group” project. The first result of this cooperation was a new and patented exhibition module in Polycarbonate called ZOOM® , specifically made for to the fashion exhibitions and temporary commercial events.
    As strong ambassador of research and innovation as the only solution for growth, he was one of the first introducing in Italy of a Russian systematic and systemic innovation methodology “TRIZ”. Thanks to this new tremendous tool for innovation he entered in various industrial segments as innovation and evolution consultant. He worked in segments such as: electrical, lighting, construction and engineering, radiological software and hardwares, electro-medical devices, interior design, food packaging materials and production technologies. He was extremely active in the health care prevention. Particularly oncology and breast screening, specifically for the breast cancer prevention, in cooperation with senior UK screening specialists.
    Parallel to that he was involved in the development of a new medical web communication platform dedicated to medical specialists of radiology to create provide with a low cost and encrypted radiological data exchange through open internet, for patients data discussion, diagnoses and control.
    He actively participate to the evolution of a non-pharmacological home therapy for the treatment of the diabetic foot, based on an Italian patent. Became technical consultant of a new not-for-profit UK company – in the near future a Charity Foundation – Relay4Aid Ltd based in Luton (UK). From 2014 he brought in Italy an new and extremely effective French care methodology (Humantude®), specifically developed for the correct handling of patients with cognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) in hospital and elderly people clinics. Always very keen and close to innovation for human health and for the environment protection, he developed an holistic innovative project for the Italian agriculture food chain, from production to distribution.
    From 2015 he collaborates with the Cibartisti movement