Press Conference Brerart – Mudo project

November 10, 2015


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I Cibartisti hanno fatto da cornice alla conferenza stampa di Brerart per la presentazione del progetto MUDO – Museo Urbano Diffuso Obbligatorio con una propria performance live.

The Cibartisti have framed the Brerart press conference for the presentation of MUDO project – Urban Widespread Required Museum with its own live performance.

The centerpiece of BRERART 2015 was the MUDO, the Urban Diffuse Required Museum which saw the construction of a batch of ten site-specific works of art, on the shutters of shops, public exercises and other sites, located in Zone 1 of the City Milan. It is not just a matter of “decorate” the space, but to create “a compulsory museum” to generate “familiarity” between the residents and visitors of Milan, even those who do not usually visit museums; They will be “insistent” art works with a “social function”. Hence the definition of Mandatory Museum in the sense that the public is required to see these works and become familiar with contemporary art, while passing by.

Not least to be considered also feature against deterioration and recovery media often subject to vandalism, with the gimmick of art work function. In this way, in fact, these media are recyclable and also giving a new look and attractive of the affected area, contributing to qualify and re-qualify the Zone 1 of Milan, in terms of livability, cultural and commercial attractiveness, territorial security.

The MUDO also foresees the completion and development of a series of permanent cultural and structural interventions promoted and partly already incurred by the City of Milan Zone 1, from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, from BRERART, Comufficio, by WWF and other institutions and associations, namely, consolidation and protection of site-specific interventions already made on the walls of Via T. communal gardens by Cazzaniga and seat of the Lombardy WWF and communal gardens of Via Montello. The consolidation of these works will be done through protections based on special protective coatings and preparation of missing plaster. The project is now complete with the implementation of a self briefing system of multilingual works, by digital catalog and the production and placing of QR codes (Quick Response), to read through the information relating to the works themselves smartphones and tablets (author, title, etc.).

The Chief of the movement Cesare Gozzetti has created one of his works on the damper of “Le Rosse” (which offers a selection of meats and high quality cheeses accompanied by prestigious Italian wines) which has become the theme of Cibartisti declined during a live performance: Chef Gabriele Sechi (show cooking) – food Stylist Manuela Cavallo (staging of artistic catering) – Bartender Terry Monroe and Peter Giavotto (thematic cocktails matched with food and the colors of art-work) – Musician Riccardo La Barbera (musical performance)