Event Fire

Event scheduling during Food Week.



                                             “It makes the fire with wood that is … around.”

We made small fires, because we are “little Indians” but the energy released from this fire is wonderfully innovative.

Here now is the time after the small fires to enclose “the intuitive and experiential energy” waiting to grow and produce from “great Indian” a POETRY that generates VISIONI and then continuous innovative formats; because we’re clear, it’s just always VISION visionaries that makes the difference between who discovers America and those who may be fishing in the old Europe. In short, innovation is the hallmark of an intuitive process (mystic) that is inherent in VISIONARY.

Then the CIBARTISTA is the symbiont (the union of a chef with an artist) but it could be the JANUS-faced, so the double doors dell’esperienze creative human. And ‘necessary to combine the qualities of their creative professions in a TOTAL WORK projecting the multitude of spectators a’ multi-sensory experience. There is a content: NATURE and HUMANITY ‘with its ideal form, the ARCHE’ movement.

There are four projects performed by “professional-creative” that communicate a global vision and excellence FROM ITALY that welcome spectators in four spectacular works.

EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR are the four elements, the “roots” of LIFE.

Everyone is a cosmic element with properties and qualities that must be reflected in the soul of the viewer and then by “CIBARTISTI” molded into the show to communicate.

The project EARTH MOTHER how to DEA WHITE NURSE and was carried out at the Tollhouse in  Porta Venezia in Milan “House of Bread”, in collaboration with Conf. Commerce .

The project led WATER emotional journey in which the guests present have become an active part of the event and have been involved, through the media narrative of an artist of the theater, sharing the experience of water in all its forms, it has been realized at the FeelingFood space in Milan.

The FOCUS project is in the planning stage for Food Week.

The poetry, the idea, the root from which it is always a social and anthropological answer. This is THEATER.

This great event has a profound historical and anthropological motivation as by means of Arts and Kitchen communicate the need for a return to society “matriarchal and matrilineal” in contrast to the violent masculine and patriarchal civilization of the Indo-European hunters, where the ferocious Financial Capitalism it is the last resort before a possible natural Revelation.