Coloribo Artista Chef

Bice Perrini is, an Artist-chef who has devised a project of creative food from the name Coloribo. She is a painter, who lived at 360 ° Art, specializing in oil painting and graphic arts: engraving and watercolor, performance , installations. Since 2006, she attended workshops with guest stars like Ferrà Adrià, Pietro Leeman, Vito Cortese. Since 2007 the passage is obliged, the art installations made of vegetables and natural elements creates multisensory performance Coloribo. In this way it was born her project as a way to encourage people to paint with food by creating a new form of creative food that soon will call chromatic cuisine.

Coloribo comes from the word color and food, is a traveling laboratory of taste that introduces the art in gastronomy conviviality in a simple and in connection with Nature by connecting the colors and using the multisensory through all 5 senses. The basis and the foundation Coloribo are the colors and starting from a simple reflection on Art seeks a connection with nature, always putting together tradition and food innovation. Its color kitchen project is almost entirely vegetarian and connects to those that are the latest theories and healthy food wellness food. The gastronomic animation Coloribo novelty is the inclusion of the brush and thus the game-performance involving the diners.


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