The soul wants to stay with his body, because no organic instruments of that body there, nothing can act or feel.”

Leonardo da Vinci


The CIBARTISTI are the artisans of the next millennium (new standard-bearers of the comparison between the arts and the senses) in opposition to the cyborg, the zombies of financial speculation.
The CIBARTISTI are creative people in the arts and gastronomy traguardano sensory experience where all senses come together in only one language; people in the world of globalization communicate the characteristics and values of the earth with the forms and images of the products and the enhancement of dexterity, of thought joined the action.
The workshop and the workshop, medieval and then Renaissance, are the model for the new creative a forthcoming EU economy where the transformation is the engine of the natural resources on the territory system.
The CIBARTISTI are artists, chefs, bartenders, artisans who shape and agro products in the works and installations, conceptualizing the uniqueness of the products of art forms.
Artists, Cooks and Barman who experience with images, graphic and painting their works.
The work is introjects and manifests for the collector who participates with all senses: to live with the work and work, art work, ART TOTAL.

Because taste has never until now been part of the art? Gastronomy is an art plastic! And not only: sight, taste, smell, touch .. gastronomy involves all the senses and the CIBARTISTI speak to all the senses!


The CIBARTISTI create.
The CIBARTISTI are the artisans of ART, FOOD, drink the pure or mixed.
CIBARTISTI I’m not against the technique.
The CIBARTISTI are against man to the technical service.
The CIBARTISTI are for a technique at the service.
The CIBARTISTI spread their knowledge, their arts, their dexterity, their crafts and their emotions.
The CIBARTISTI touting its vision: participating in exhibitions, at conferences, in working groups … everywhere the idea that the union between art and gastronomy will offer a new community development lever and participated alternative to the exhausted world from the masters of finance debt.
The CIBARTISTI share knowledge by interacting with schools and digital platforms.
The CIBARTISTI work for a new and more human world, which is to be built.


The CIBARTISTI leave from the food because it is the closest transformation to nature, the place where welding the hinge that joins and displaces man and nature.
The CIBARTISTI operate in the realm of taste: where knowledge and pleasure to meet and share, are interwoven and again untie.
The CIBARTISTI are the latest incarnation of the craftsman, artist, alchemist and the essence seeker: be the first to appear because what appears to be.
The CIBARTISTI are artists who know that art is man’s heritage, are chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders who know that good food and drink for humans have always been an art form.
The CIBARTISTI are the seeds of a change in response to an abstract, mental world, offering sensuality and fun, vitality and hope, creativity and collaboration in every moment of our lives.
The CIBARTISTI with their limbs are the will of a new possibility to exist.


CIBARTISTI I want a world where art and nature, art and culture, men and territory live more simply, safely and integrated.
The CIBARTISTI want a world in which the figure of the craftsman is no longer a rare remnant from neighboring museums or reserves.
The CIBARTISTI want to promote new creative thinking along with transformative thinking, as they did in the Renaissance, as did Leonardo da Vinci.
I want CIBARTISTI Italy different, who knows how to exploit its tangible and intangible resources in a new synthesis where the craftsman thought becomes a “property” of our country, as it has always been.


Cesare Gozzetti, first Cibartista on the story, in performance