About us

The idea of Cibartisti born in 2013 in Jamaica: where was given also the name. We were three: me (Paul Cervari), Paolo Gallizioli and Roberto Luise (the motor of the project), although virtually with us there were also many friends artists who at that time often were dating for the preparation of the first edition of BRERART.

Exactly at that event The Cibartisti were born. We had a manifest (http://www.cibartisti.it/manifesto-dei-cibartisti/), of course, we had a couple of first performances, including one at the BRERART opening press conference and we had an initial interest from potential sponsors, including Gaggenau that immediately with Tao B pointed on the initiative and in the possible evolutions. And there was also excitement, activities, works, performances … but ideas, and above all the movements, requiring a gestation.

2014 has helped us to test and refine some Cibartists’ performance.

A notable development of this idea, almost as a demonstration, is the agreement made with Workshop cooking school and Flair Academy two partners that are now an integral part of Cibartisti project dealing with training in the culinary areas, cafe, bartender and mixologist . Real forges of young potential Cibartisti and protagonists with their trainers within the events “Cibartisti live.”

We can develop with a training project which aims to young people as a kind of specialization in art of taste, or the “artistic” gastronomy to become precisely what we think is a Cibartista. An important milestone that will allow us to spread the movement’s philosophy of Cibartisti.

Another association’s initiative will be the establishment of an archive of Cibartisti works, who are asked to contribute on accession with its production in line with one of the assigned topics.

For the rest of this our new “departure” of Cibartisti at the official presentation at the headquarters of the Movement FeelingFood Milan in 2016 is substantiated with new works, new ideas, new formats, new artists who have joined the movement, that will become the stage to experience the excitement of food.

It is used to say that Italy is famous all over the World for it’s Food and the Art: we put them together.

Tao B projects and ideas to communicate offers the new claim “to communicate with art” this is Cibartisti’s predominant aspect.


Pausa Caffè, opera OF Natalia Elena Massi